Builders Call Fall 2021: Blooming Grove

Builders Call Fall 2021: Blooming Grove

Blooming Grove United Methodist Church, outside of Morristown, MN, is known as The Two Steepled Church on the Prairie. When a German Methodist missionary began preaching in the rural area outside of Faribault, MN in 1856, he had no idea of the mission and ministry he had planted. Two congregations were born out of that movement – Bethel and Immanuel. After over 80 years of doing church separately, the two churches decided to merge in 1951. The Immanuel Church building was moved to the location of the Bethel Church and the buildings were joined together under the new name of Blooming Grove UMC. Both steeples were kept as a physical symbol of cooperation, compromise, and trust. 

With a rich history, Blooming Grove UMC was determined to continue their journey forward in faith as they follow the call to share God’s love with their community and world. The congregation lives and breathes mission into everything they do, so much so that missional ministries are as much a part of the daily fabric of living out their calling as eating breakfast is. Blooming Grove UMC hosts many community outreach programs each year, including an annual Run 4 the Loaves Run/Walk, an annual Walleye Fish Fry. They also co-host outdoor worship at the Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm and Brew and Bible studies at Half-Pint Brewing Company with two other churches in the Prairie Lakes Parish. 

While they are a small, rural church, Blooming Grove UMC is living into their dream of open hearts, open minds, and open doors. As part of that dream, they pondered how they might better serve their congregation and surrounding community and decided that their church building needed to become more accessible and welcoming for all. The current church building has steep steps up into the sanctuary and down into the fellowship hall, limiting those who can join. Blooming Grove has decided to construct an addition on the front of the church that will provide accessibility for all. This new entryway will include a 3-level lift, ground-level restrooms, and a ground-level gathering space.

Blooming Grove UMC’s forebears built well, and their dreams are still being pursued despite the changes time has brought to the prairie. Through their project of adding a handicap-accessible addition, the church can more effectively continue their ministry to their rural community. “Our two “steeple markers” will remain, standing tall, and calling people to a place that is open and accessible to all – a place where we can gather in community and worship, in order to go back out and serve God in our world.”

We are so grateful for your continued support of the MN UM Builders and ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to support Blooming Grove UMC. The gifts for this call will be received until March 30, 2022.

Rapha Tabernacle of Glory thanks you . . . . $4,700 granted!
Thank you to the Builders for their grant to Rapha Tabernacle of Glory to help us pay for the furnaces we had to replace in January 2021. The furnaces were essential to repair but the bill was large for our small congregation to absorb. Your generous grant will substantially help us as we pay back the loan we had to incur and allow us to continue to support the other essential activities of our church. And the new furnaces are safer, much more energy efficient and keep our church warm and well ventilated! Thank you for all you do! Bondye beni ou - God bless you!